22. February 2024

oney laundering, and other financial crimes. It also helps KuCoin comply with regulatory requirements worldwide. In order to ensure the asset security of its customers, the exchange has strengthened its KYC system and will be rolling out mandatory KYC rules for all its users.

Mandatory KYC Rules for KuCoin Users

KuCoin is introducing mandatory KYC rules starting July 15th, 2023. All users must comply with the KYC process in order to access all the products and services offered on the platform. Those who fail to comply will have limited access to its services. KuCoin’s enhanced KYC system will ensure the asset security of its customers and help it comply with global regulations.

• KuCoin, a Seychelles-based crypto exchange, is rolling out mandatory KYC authentication rules for its customers starting on July 15, 2023. • The Know Your …