22. February 2024

$43.7M MATIC Moved: Polygon Whales Could Be Selling

• A large amount of MATIC (Polygon’s token) has been deposited to Binance’s wallets in the past day, suggesting that Polygon whales may be selling currently.
• Two major transactions have been identified, involving 40 million MATIC ($43.7 million) and 30 million MATIC ($32.8 million) respectively
• The movement of such large amounts could affect the price of MATIC depending on the purpose behind it.

Large Movement Of MATIC To Binance

Data shows about $109 million in MATIC has entered into Binance’s wallets during the past day, a sign that Polygon whales may be selling currently.

Whale Transfers On Ethereum Blockchain

According to data from the cryptocurrency transaction tracker service Whale Alert, multiple large MATIC movements have been spotted on the Ethereum blockchain during the last few hours. The first of these transactions involved the movement of 40 million MATIC, worth about $43.7 million at the time the transfer went through. As the sheer volume of coins involved in whale transactions can be quite large, the market can sometimes feel noticeable ripples from them.

What Could These Transactions Mean?

Exactly what way such a transfer may affect the price depends on the purpose behind it. Here are some details regarding these Polygon whale transactions, which may shed some light on why they were made: This massive transaction seems to have only taken a fee of around $5 to go through on the Ethereum blockchain | Source: Whale Alert As you can see above, both sending addresses appear to have been attached to either Polygon Staking services or unknown wallets not associated with any centralized platform and both receivers were Binance wallets – suggesting that an investor might be selling their coins for fiat currency or other cryptocurrencies supported by Binance itself.

How Can Such Transfers Affect Price?

The movement of such large amounts could affect prices depending on whether sellers are trying to take profits or buyers are attempting to accumulate more coins before future increases in value – though this is impossible to ascertain without further information about their intentions and motivations behind such transfers.


In conclusion, although it’s impossible to know exactly what’s motivating these transfers without further information from those involved, it appears likely that someone is attempting to sell off their holdings in order to capitalize on recent gains – which could potentially lead to a decrease in prices if enough people follow suit as well as an increase should buyers swoop up discounted coins due to fear-induced drops in value caused by sales like these..