22. February 2024

Coinbase, Ripple Meet: Is XRP Relisting on the Table?

• Coinbase and Ripple’s CLOs recently had a meeting, leading to speculation of an XRP listing on Coinbase.
• Australian lawyer Bill Morgan responded that the meeting won’t result in a relisting due to Ripple’s decision not to use XRP in its liquidity hub solution.
• Morgan suspects that Ripple is likely assisting Coinbase with their SEC lawsuit instead.

Coinbase and Ripple Meeting Sparks Speculation of XRP Listing

Recently, Coinbase and Ripple Chief Legal Officers (CLOs) held a meeting which sparked speculations of an XRP listing on Coinbase. Many crypto enthusiasts called for Coinbase to relist XRP in order to support Ripple’s legal battle with the US Securities Exchange Commission (SEC).

Australian Lawyer Debunks Rumors of a Relisting

Australian-based lawyer Bill Morgan responded to the tweet stating there won’t be a relisting. He explained that this is due to Ripple’s decision not to use XRP in its Liquidity Hub solution, suggesting that the meeting was more likely about how Ripple could assist Coinbase in their petition against SEC.

Ripple Launches Liquidity Hub Solution

In response, Ripple launched their Liquidity Hub solution which supports businesses with liquidity from exchanges, over-the-counter desks, and market makers. The list includes BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH, and ETC but notably excluded XRP. This omission caused much debate among crypto users as they tried to understand why this was done by Ripple. This also informed Morgan’s opinion on the recent speculations between Coinbase and Ripple CLOs.

Morgan Suspects Coinbase Is Asking for Assistance With SEC Lawsuit

Morgan believes that the meeting between the two companies might have been regarding how Ripple can help Coinbase with their legal case against SEC instead of a possible re-listing of XRP on their platform. It remains unclear whether or not his assumptions are correct but it is certain that it will take time before any concrete conclusions can be reached regarding this issue.


The recent meeting between Coinabse and Ripple CLOs has sparked many different speculations among crypto enthusiasts who are hoping for an XRP re-listing on Coinbase. However, Australian lawyer Bill Morgan has debunked these rumors due to his suspicions about what the purpose behind the meeting could be – providing assistance for Coinbase’s legal dispute with SEC – rather than a possible re-listing of XRP on their marketplace.