17. April 2024

Crypto Market Shakes Up: Five Coins Ready for a Rally!

• The crypto market has been shaken by major coins plummeting to weekly support ranges.
• However, some cryptos are glowing in green in almost all time frames and expected to make a surprise rally.
• Five cryptos that could potentially breakout in the short term are TRX, FET, and AGIX.

Crypto Market Shakes Up

The crypto market has recently been shaken up by major coins plummeting to weekly support ranges. This has caused sentiment to remain negative as digital currency assets have lost a good percentage of their values.

Unexpected Rally Expected

Despite the current situation, some cryptos are still glowing in green in almost all time frames according to Coingecko. As macroeconomic indicators show an improving situation in certain areas, these cryptos are expected to make a surprise rally in the final days of February.

Top 5 Cryptos for Potential Breakout

Don’t wait! Here is a list of five cryptos that could potentially breakout:

  • TRX (Tron)
  • FET (Artificial Intelligence)
  • AGIX (SingularityNET Governance Token)

TRX – Tron

TRON is thriving with 143 million accounts backed by nearly 5 billion transactions. According to CoinGecko, strong growth can be seen in almost all time frames with the biggest gains made in the monthly time frame at almost 16%. This shows that bulls are dominating the market and investors and traders should take this opportunity by focusing on breaking resistance at $0.06871.

FET – Artificial Intelligence Token

AI related tokens such as FET have also been experiencing bullish sentiment with its market capitalization reaching nearly $2 billion today due to its recent partnership with Fetch.AI and Bosch causing 10% growths on its weekly time frame. The only thing stopping any further bullish movement is its current resistance at $0.4097 which investors and traders should focus on breaking for continued growth in price.

AGIX – SingularityNET Governance Token

SingularityNET’s governance token AGIX is also on an uptrend due to its journey creating an artificial general intelligence (AGI). Data shows that AGIX is showing gains across all time frames with its biggest increase being nearly 150% on the monthly chart making it one of the top cryptos for potential breakouts this month.