22. February 2024

Liquid Mercury & Crossover Markets Team Up: Unrivaled Trading Access for Institutions

• Liquid Mercury is partnering with Crossover Markets to provide a GUI (graphical user interface) for their institutional clients to execute trades on their execution-only crypto ECN, CROSSx.
• The platform will give users access to sophisticated order management capabilities and trading tools.
• This partnership will allow professional crypto traders to transact at unrivaled speeds while enhancing enterprise risk management through the decoupling of trade execution from custody and brokerage.

Liquid Mercury Partners With Crossover Markets

Liquid Mercury – a leading crypto trading technology provider – has announced a partnership with Crossover Markets, a digital asset technology firm focused on meeting the unique liquidity requirements of institutions. Through this collaboration, Liquid Mercury will provide a graphical user interface (GUI) for Crossover’s institutional clients to perform trades on their execution-only crypto ECN, CROSSx.

Robust Trading Tools

The custom-made platform will offer CROSSx clients access to robust institutional order management capabilities and trading tools required by professional traders. This combination of modern architecture and battle-tested technology from both teams promises improved marketplace experiences with segregation of duties across trade execution, custody, and brokerage.

Enhanced Speeds & Risk Management

Thanks to the integration between Liquid Mercury and Crossover Markets, professional crypto traders can now execute trades at unrivaled speeds compared to other exchanges. Additionally, the partnership also allows for enhanced enterprise risk management through the decoupling of trade execution from custody and brokerage in order to improve security measures for customers.

Partnership Goals

Tony Saliba, CEO of Liquid Mercury said that they are “thrilled” about this new relationship and look forward to serving as the client-facing gateway for this exciting new institution crypto venue. On the other hand, Anthony Mazzarese – co-founder & chief commercial officer at Crossover – believes that differentiating their offering through category leading technology is key in continuing its success in providing unmatched services for its clients via API-based workflows as well as GUI platforms such as Liqud Mercurys’.

About Liquid Mercury

Liquid Mercury powers professional cryptocurrency traders around the world by providing them with best in class trading technology solutions so they can make informed decisions when executing trades with confidence and precision.. For more information about Liquid Mercury’s suite of products please visit its official website .